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New beginning
New beginning
Forfatter: Artemis
Skrevet: 2013-01-22 16:05:09
Version: 1.1
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You have the right to silence, daddy
I don't care - 'coz why even bother
You have the right to speak, daddy
But not to talk down to my mother

I want you to know my secret, daddy
I'll engrave it in the moon
You guessed it, I am pregnant, daddy
I'm expecting your grandchild soon

What am I going to tell him, daddy
Coz' I won't change it when it's said
I won't tell him you're a jack-ass, daddy
And I cannot tell him you're dead

You'll never be part of his life, daddy
Just know that, and I will be fine
You gave up that right years ago, daddy
When you chose not to be in mine

I want to scream and yell, daddy
But I fear my voice will crack
I have to protect my child now, daddy
So this time I can’t take you back

haleløs2013-01-24 15:12:35

CONGRATULATIONS .... to a new begining life; embrace and enjoy the little guy; he may never ask about people who dont share in or contribute to his life ;)
sincereky ...
Artemis2013-01-24 20:39:17
Takker ^^ Enorm lykke!

chilsen2013-01-24 17:02:24

rørende :)
Artemis2013-01-24 20:39:27
Tak :)

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