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unseen, unloved and unknown
unseen, unloved and unknown
Forfatter: Tex Giphardt
Skrevet: 2015-08-30 22:48:57
Version: 1.0
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It was so many years ago, in the sand she was sitting down, listing to the screaming gulls, fighting for a kingdoms crown.

She begs the ocean, to remember her past, instead of her, that life is not real; it’s just moments of pain and blur.

Somewhere she lost her way, like a tide that washes away the land, now, she can no longer find, her soul, her peace, her mind.

She felt the old wind, as it send her a salty ocean kiss, just to let her know, what she had, for so long been missed.

She would always choose the blue sea, even in a misty storm and to remember her long lost memories, that’s where she will take her form.

When the soft voices of the sea, someday for her dies, she will understand, it was all because of human lies.

She had almost forgotten about that day, it was such a long time ago, she was, or was she not lost and had she not, nothing to say?

In her vision, the sad old sea cried with her, for all her faded dreams, all her lost passion and for all of her screams.

The sea would tell her; Try live your life unseen, unloved and unknown, maybe you will make it out there, alone.

She would answer; No, I will sit here and wait, for a lover or a friend, one, who will remember, that I was seen, loved and known, until the end.

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