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Forfatter: HenryPercival
Skrevet: 2015-05-30 13:14:37
Version: 1.1
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I opened my eyes and found myself standing in the middle of a giant ball room, people dancing around me.
I looked down at my feet, I was wearing a black ball gown, although I had no recollection of owning any clothes of the sort.
It was all indeed very odd.
I looked over the room, scouting it, as if waiting for something peculiar to happen. A man was approaching me from the far side of the room. He was pale, with combed back light brown hair. He wore an expensive looking tailcoat, and had a faint smile upon his face. On his right index finger he wore a ring, fashioned to look like a skull, with red ruby eyes.
When he reached me I looked down at his feet. He lifted my chin and looked me in the eye. We started to dance, and all I could think of was the music; the Dance Macabre.
I realised what was happening and pushed him off me. He looked at me with compassionate eyes. He didnt say a word. Then I slowly closed my eyes, and slipped away into darkness.

haleløs2015-05-30 16:13:19

warm and intriguing text!
May I wish you welcome onto this site and recommend you to visit the 'BigNerdBeard' profile
sincerely ...

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