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A swan
A swan
Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2014-12-02 23:11:02
Version: 1.0
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A swan is beautiful graceful the picture of purity and beauty
But when you think about it In the start when they hatch
Ppeople think of them as ugly clumsy and the perfect picture of impureness
Right now I find myself hopelessly stuck in the so called 'ugly duckling' faze
But one day hopefully I will become a beautiful swan
I will become who I am meant to be
And hopefully people will accept me for who I am for what I am
And kids will look at me and think 'That's who i wan't to be when I grow up.'

haleløs2014-12-03 08:14:10

you won't 'suddenly become' a swan; you turn yourself into one. By being your own 'best friend' always!

You should try and rewrite this draft into a colorful dialogue; being 'the ugly duckling' quacking around among other ducklings competing for 'adult duck attention' ;)
sincerely ...
BigNerdBeard2014-12-03 12:12:54
Thank you for the idea. I might do that. :)

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