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The sun and the moon
The sun and the moon
Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2015-03-15 07:24:45
Version: 1.0
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the sun goes down
i'm sitting there
in the darkening forest
surrounded by tall trees
the magic of the burning
and the fire being extinguished
by the sea
and the steady ocean
sighs and the waves
rises as the
moon takes a sharp
inhale ready to live
through another night
of ending darkness
missing it's lovers presence
by a matter of
painful seconds
and the night skye
cries in sorrow
for the pain and
sadness of the
moon and sun's
never ending romance
that is
oh so sad
but it all becomes
worth it when
they finally meet
and the whole world
stops and stares
in awe at the
perfect meeting
and the world feels
a little tug at their
hearts a little
sadness as the short
meeting ends
and the lovers part
yet again and continue
their never ending
cycle of missing each other
by a second
of meeting and parting
of dying and of

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