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There was a girl
There was a girl
Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2014-12-22 00:04:08
Version: 1.0
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There was a little girl her eyes so bright
They shone like the stars so full of light
She heard the reporter talk about death
She ran so fast soon out of breath
Daddy! Daddy! she said
How's it like to be dead
'Well' he said as he sat her upon his knee
'It's like flying you see
Up in the air ever so free
But my darling from life you should never flee'
A couple years later
She had been offer for a hater
She came home tears from her eyes had fled
'Hus now or I'll give you a reason to cry' Daddy said
She nodded her head silent
When did he become so violent
Probably when her mother died
'It's your fault' he had said she was convinced he had lied
Now she was not so sure
Was it her fault she thought unsure
Was it her fault because she cost them a lot of money
Was that why she no longer had a mummy
A couple years after
The house no longer filled with laughter
She cried into the silent night
Her eyes no longer full of light
She looked in the mirror and showed two finger down her throat
It's funny she thought this reminds me of a quote
'Mirror Mirror can't you see
What you show is slowly killing me'
She rolled up her sleeve
And looked at the cuts that brought relieve
She took out her blade
And cut then cleaned she put on a giant band aid
'I'm so sorry mom'
She whispered her voice steady and calm
She woke up the next day and went to tell a friend
She knew her last minutes had been spent
'I feel like a bomb ready to explode
Though I'm pretty sure it never showed'
'I don't get it' her best friend whispered
'Please you're like a sister'
He asked 'Why do you want do die'
'The answer dear friend is right there upon my thigh'
I just wanted one last goodbye
Before it was my turn to fly
She kissed his cheek
And hoped she hadn't been this weak
And with one last glance
With death she began to dance
She knew her life was done
As she danced away on the sun

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