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You didn't beat me
You didn't beat me
Forfatter: Hibiscus
Skrevet: 2018-07-17 23:17:01
Version: 1.0
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You didn't beat me

My mind mind and my soul was in so much pain
The kind of pain they write stories about
This is not a story of a broken heart
But a story of a broken child

Its a story of a child who had to grow up
Its about the kind of pain only a child can feel
Now its a memory of pain from a long time ago

Its also a story of victory
A story of bravery and hard battles
This is my story

My story is not uncommen
I really wish it was
Not because I want my story to be special
But because a child should just be a child

A child should fight imaginary dragons and play with plastic swords

A child shouldt have to fight
And grown ups should be safe
Everybody needs a safe place

I want you to know you didn't break me
You did not win
I found away to use the darkness to become better

Better then you and what you did
It made me strong or maybe the strength was there all along

I learned how to fight and slay the dragon
I learned how find peace
I learned from watching the world upclose
And searching my mind

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