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A Story Told - Chapter 1
A Story Told - Chapter 1
Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2015-03-06 21:36:28
Version: 1.1
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Every day for twelve months the young priest at Markus church in the depths of USA had watched a young brunette, brown eyed woman walk from down the long gravel road into the graveyard with a bouquet of orange roses. He had never talked to the young woman, just watched her from afar as she put the roses on a grave, wiped her tears away and sat there. She didn't do anything, she didn't talk, she didn't move she, didn't even acknowledge people if they walked by, she just sat there. Why? He had no idea.

For the past year he had been growing more and more curious with each passing day as to why this woman came and just sat here. Today it had been exactly one year since he saw her for the first time which he was not yet aware of. Finally he had mustered up enough courage to ask the woman why exactly it was she came and sat there for hours each day.

He looked out the stained glass window that portrayed a picture of Jesus preaching and kept an eye on the gravel road, waiting for the familiar small brunette figure to come into view. It took fifteen minutes longer than expected but finally the short woman came into view, walking along the gravel road that lead to the church, quickly passing the massive building, continuing until she reached the graveyard. She walked down the small, normally dusty paths that were now muddy due to it raining all night, until she reached the farthest corner of the graveyard.

He watched as she knelt down in front of the now familiar grave and studied her body language carefully as she laid the roses gently on the grave, her body shaking lightly from what he suspected to be sobs. His brows connected in a sad, concerned frown as he watched her dry her tears yet again and sit herself down on the damp bench next to the grave, staring out into the distance, her body frozen, the only sign of life the slow rise and fall of her shoulders as she breathed in and out.

He sighed as he moved away from the window, uncrossing his arms before walking down the long aisle, the familiar benches on each side passing him at a fast speed. As he finally reached the front doors of the old massive church, he stopped and took a deep breath before opening the almost ancient wooden doors and walking outside into the fresh crisp spring air. He walked down the muddy paths following the direction she had taken, reaching the grave in a matter of minutes.

Walking towards her, the priest took in her appearance. Her black skinny jeans were worn out with little mud stains littering at the bottom. Her old paramore t-shirt also worn out, but unlike her jeans, it was clean, having not been stained by mud. Her cheeks held a slight hint of red and there were obvious bags under her red and puffy eyes that showed she had been crying quite a lot. The priest took pity in the woman. The lost look her eyes held and the hopelessness her body language showed was almost enough to make a grown man want to cry. The sadness that this woman held was far to much for someone so young to have to feel. Far to much for anyone to ever have to feel.

"I'm sorry." the priest said as he crouched down in front of the brunette. He wasn't sure what he was apologizing for but it just seemed appropriate in the situation. He might have been sorry for her loss or apologizing for interrupting her, but no one will ever know exactly why he was sorry. The women didn't even look at him, she didn't even acknowledge his presence, she just continued staring off into the distance, looking at nothing in particular.

Frowning in confusion, the priest gently tapped her shoulder, thinking that she was probably far away in a daydream or caught up in memories and therefore hadn't noticed him standing there or heard him say anything. "I'm sorry?" the priest tried again repeating his words though voicing them as a question this time instead.

Finally the woman lifted her head, glancing up at the priest, looking shocked as if she had no idea he was even standing there before right that second. The brunette quickly recovered from her initial shock, nodding her head slightly, telling the priest to go on. The priest was at a loss for words, having not thought about what he was going to say when or even if he had gotten her attention. After half a minute spent in an awkward silence he cleared his throat and spoke, having decided on what to say.

"I don't mean to overstep any boundaries or anything, but... I have watched you come and sit here everyday in both rain, snow, and sun shine and honestly, I'm curious. I have seen, met, talked to, and know a lot of people who have lost someone, but never has anyone acted like you do, and not to sound rude but I wonder... Why? I wonder, what is your story?" the priest asked carefully, not sure of how the brown eyed woman would react to his words.

"Why? I don't know yet and maybe I never will. My story? I don't have one." the woman dismissed, her voice raspy, slightly hoarse from crying, but still managing to sound gentle. "Surely you must have a story? There must be a reason to all of this." the priest said, not for one second believing the woman.

"I don't have a story. But the person I come and visit here everyday does though. Her story is both wonderfully happy and tragically sad." the women said, a sad smile gently curving her lips upwards. Her eyes glinted with an emotion so pure and untainted that the priest had never seen anything like it before and unknown to him that he would never come to see again. The young priest had no idea what it was her eyes was shining with and if someone had told him right then and there that it was love, he wouldn't have believed them for even a moment.

"I'm intrigued now. What is her story?" the priest probed, sitting down on the old wooden and steel bench next to the brunette woman. "I don't mean to sound rude, but... I don't even know you?" the woman said making the priest realize that they indeed didn't know each other.

"Well let me solve that problem for you. I'm Ethan." he said sticking his hand out for the brunette to shake.

"Hello Ethan." she said grabbing his hand in a firm, yet gentle grip, shaking his hand. Ethan analyzed the short hand shake coming to the conclusion that the woman was naturally caring, gentle, and loving around other living creatures, animal or human. "I'm Sam." she said while releasing his hand, resting her own back into her lap, intertwining her fingers like they had been seconds ago.

"Hello to you too Sam." Ethan greeted her, nodding towards her, hinting for the brown eyed woman to continue the story she had yet to actually start telling.

"So. Where to begin?" Sam wondered out loud. Ethan just looked at her face, studying her features interested, knowing that whatever story he was about to hear would be honest, raw, heartbreaking, and exhilarating all at once. "I guess I should start at the beginning, but where is that? I guess... I guess it all started when I met her?" the woman questioned herself, unsure. "Yes that is where it all began." she decided, nodding in approval at her decision before turning, really looking at Ethan for the first time. She studied him for a couple of seconds, taking in his appearance.

The young man had brown hair, hazel eyes, and a friendly smile, clearly showing off his pearly white, slightly crooked teeth. He was wearing black priest clothe's, a small wooden cross hanging in a leather strap around his neck with a date written on it. He had a wedding ring on his right hand that looked like it hadn't been there for long but still for some time. Sam was curious as to what the priest's story was and why he looked so grim though he was smiling but she knew that her curiosity for his story by no means could match the curiosity he held about her's, or more so, the woman's story she was about to tell.

"It all started a little over two years ago at a bar in..."


I was standing in a bar downtown with my best friend, Marissa, who was dancing away to the beat of a song I didn't recognize, not that it was much of a song since the only thing I could hear or more accurately feel was the bass that shook all throughout the huge club. "I'm gonna go get a drink!" I yelled over music that was playing loudly. Mar nodded her head, showing me that she had heard me, and I walked over towards the bar to order a drink seeing as my throat was rather dry from the hot air and I was thirsty from dancing.

I ordered a vodka tonic and within a minute I had my drink in my hand as the waiter winked at me. I just shook my head laughing at the poor man who must have been new because it was well known in this club that I was a lesbian and he stood no chance with me. Turning around, I twisted through a sea of sweating, close standing bodies, trying to get to the stairs so I could go to the next level where I knew there would be less people. Just as I turned, someone bumped into me making me spill my drink. Luckily I avoided getting hit by any of the cold, clear liquid.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry, I didn't see you!" an annoyingly high pitched female voice yelled, apologizing frantically as she turned around, having backed up to the bar which proved to be her mistake. I quickly scanned the woman, noticing her strikingly beautiful face, green eyes, and black hair. What I would later come to find out was auburn. She was wearing a short dress that stopped a little higher than mid thigh and a pair of black pumps, gold hoops and a heavy looking gold necklaces. I liked the sight presented in front of me but I made sure not to stare at the beautiful woman's body for too long, keeping my eyes at her gorgeous face instead.

"It's okay, I wasn't looking where I was going." I apologized, also yelling to be heard over the loud music. "Well can I buy you a new drink?" the woman asked me, her voice less high now, seeing as she wasn't shocked anymore. It sounded more deep, but still feminine and naturally raspy. I found myself liking the sound of her voice very much. I nodded sending her an accepting thankful smile.

The green eyed woman made her way to the bar I had just come from and came back to me carrying a vodka tonic, the same drink as the one I had just spilled. I shot her a confused look and she sent me a smile, telling me she had asked the bartender what I had ordered before she made me spill it and had ordered the same for me. "Oh okay. Thank you!" I yelled over the music and she furrowed her eyebrows, cocking her head to the side, looking adorable, almost like a confused puppy. Her confusion clearly showed me she hadn't heard what I had said.

I pointed upstairs and she nodded, showing me she understood what I meant and started walking towards the stairs, looking behind her every few seconds, making sure she hadn't lost me in the mass of dancing and moving bodies. We made our way through the dance floor, me forgetting all about my best friend still dancing, being completely consumed by the gorgeous women that I was following through the club and upstairs to a more private and quiet area.

Security stopped us but as soon as they saw me they let us through.


"Why did security let you through as soon as they saw you? Did you have like some special status? Oh! Are you famous?" Ethan interrupted the brunette in telling her story, making her cross her arms in annoyance.

"No I am not nor was I ever famous. And I don't have any kind of special status nor did I ever have one. Besides how is that even important?" Sam finished, effectively shutting the young man up. "Now will you let me continue my story without interrupting me?" the brunette asked Ethan, who didn't say anything, just pursed his lips slightly and shrugged his shoulders. Sam sighed at him but none the less continued her story.

"As I was saying..."


After me walking on my behalf and her stumbling on her behalf up the stairs, I took a sip of my drink before asking her if she wanted anything to drink to which she answered "Yes thank you. I'm not that thirsty, maybe I can just drink from yours?" the green eyed woman asked. I shot my eyebrows up in amusement before jokingly replying "You already want to swap saliva? I don't even know your name." the woman blushed at my words before swallowing, nervousness starting to show on her before confident features.

"I'm Amanda. What's your name?" the green eyed woman, Amanda, asked. "I'm Sam." I told her flashing her a friendly smile.

"I like it. Sam. Well then, Sam, may I take a sip of your drink?" Amanda asked me and I nodded before handing my drink to her. She took a quick sip but didn't hand it back to me, instead nodding towards the secluded booths in the other end of the big room, asking if I wanted to go sit down to which I replied yes. We both walked over there and slipped into the booth, me first, her after. "So Sam... What is a pretty woman like you doing here alone?" she flirted still smiling though it was a more flirtatious smirk kind of smile now.

"Who said I was alone?" I said baffling the green eyed woman in front of me "Oh sorry. I-I didn't mean to interrupt anything. I just... I just figured since you where getting your drink alone..." Amanda apologized, stuttering nervously, trailing off and looking like she felt awkward in the current situation. I put my hand over hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze as I sent her a smile, giggling at her nervous reaction to what she clearly didn't know was a joke.

"Relax, I'm here with my best friend but otherwise alone. I just wanted to see your reaction if I told you I wasn't alone." I said and Amanda just looked at me with a look I didn't know what meant before erupting into a fit of giggles, clearly thinking the joke was a lot funnier than I did. I think she must have had a bit more to drink than me, after all she was stumbling up the stairs and wobbling a little when she was walking just a few minutes earlier. "And what about you? What is a gorgeous woman like you doing here alone?" I said using the same question as she had asked me only minutes ago, also flirting.

"I was hoping to have some fun. My girlfriend just broke up with me." she said and sniffed looking as if she was holding back tears. I gave her hand another squeeze, trying to comfort her the best I could, not noticing before now that I was still holding her hand in mine.

I can not for the life of me use comma's correctly therefore I have hired(not really) my brother's girlfriend(who's like a third sister) to do it for me. This story will therefore contain what I think is correctly placed comma's so thank you Emily!

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