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Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2015-07-18 02:38:49
Version: 1.0
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Did you ever question your sanity
Or perhaps the lack of it

And did you ever wonder if life would have been better
If you had never been born

Did your mind ever wonder
And take you to places
So far away
Where the questions rung
But the answers were few

And did your body ever take you
To a land called paradise
As your mind let go
And in that moment you were free
And the torment of living
Without a purpose
Simply disappeared
Because the bliss of existing
In the perfect moment
Was far better

And maybe your mind was clouded
By the thoughts
That came from your soul
Or maybe there were more than one
And the souls in your body
Was fighting for control

And did you ever wonder why
It is that we go through this pain
If everything is just going to stop
And restart again one day

Did you ever ask questions
But was met with silence
Because even the nothingness
Of the eternal circle of life
Knew not the answers
To what you were asking

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