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Skrevet: 2016-11-12 00:30:14
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Where would one even start? You could start by saying that there's nothing special about her. About her story. That she's just one out of millions- billions fighting to stay alive in these times. Modern times with modern slavery that is frightening in an entirely different way. History means nothing to these people unless they think they're making it. But not every fight can end with a win- someone always has to lose and more often than not those 'someones' are the ones at the bottom of the social ladder. The poorer you are, the more you have to give and the richer you are, the more you get.

Both sides have things the other will never know of, and yet they will still miss it because there will always be something that they're lacking. There's no understanding to find amongst the people who can afford not to care. And the ones who don't can't spare any empathy energy or help because they're already starving themselves to death stretched thin trying to cover all of their own needs in a frail attempt to get better without anyone wanting or being able to offer them a hand.

And yet despite their own hunger pains from thirsting after something better- something easier they still reach out with their scarred hands offering the last piece of bread they have to someone else. The less you've got, the more willing are to give it all away. You're caught in a circle of never having enough because you keep giving everything away.

If someone would have once just one offer back, the kindness you gave you would have enough. Your family wouldn't go hungry ever again, and you wouldn't go crazy trying to provide enough for them in a world where the ones at the bottom are slaves to those at the top. If you were to receive the same kindness and understanding that you give away, the world would keep spinning for another day, and you would never have to feel the pain of starvation again.

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