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 The vibrating touch. Chapter 3
The vibrating touch. Chapter 3
Forfatter: Zorah
Skrevet: 2014-07-23 16:43:16
Version: 1.1
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"Ring, ring, ring. RING."

The sound of the school bell, that was ringing in to class. It was 8:10am and Julia was running a few minutes late. She had reached the gate to the school, but wasn't inside the hallways with the rest of the students.

Summer had went by too fast. Her hair had grown a few inches longer, and it was finally long enough for her to use her brand new curling iron. Her clothes was perfect for the first day back to school, according to herself - the part where being insecure, could fastly take over her body and spirit.

"Breathe.. Julia breathe."

She was starting to feel her nervousness, but she wasn't gonna let it ruin her first day back to school.

"You're gonna do fine. It's gonna be alright. Be cool, be cool."

Her low insecure voice, was slowly starting to sound more and more confident, and she was feeling way better at this point. A gut feeling was still surrounding in her belly, but as the minutes passed, and her cigarette was getting smaller and smaller for every inhale she made, the gut feeling disappeared.

Walking down the hallway, without a soul to see, she knew that she was late. Today was luckily the day where everyone was meeting up in the largest room of the school, to see and know where they were going to spend the rest of their senior year. She was excited, excited for her lady year in college, and to finally stop pretending to be smarter than she was. Obviously the good grades wasn't coming by itself, she studied a lot to get where she was. But it took a lot of her time, and reality was, that she'd rather spend it elsewhere, and on other things.


Her voice called out, as she heard a noise from right around the corner. A shiver of bad feelings, were circling around inside of her, and it made her nervous. Was anyone there? Was someone watching her? She was thinking too much. She had to relax. She had to stop thinking too much.

"I'm sorry. Hey. Can you help me? I hope I didn't scare you. My name is Noah, and I'm new here."

Suddenly Julia turned around, when she heard the deep but yet beautiful voice that was speaking to her. The tap on her shoulder was sending vibrations all the way down to her pussy. Vibrations of fresh meat, of new people, and of something stranger that was touching her. Her brown hair was falling down in front of her eyes, and with her fingers she slowly stroked it away.


Her voice seemed too excited.. Fuck! She was thinking about how to stop this.

"Fuck. Sorry, shit. I'm so so sorry! I'm Julia. What can I help you with?"

Her cursing was not normal. She wasn't the kind of girl who kept on cursing like that in front of new people, or anyone else than her roommate for that matter. Something had caught her eye, the touch had caught her mind, and something about the girl Noah, was making her curious.

Watching the tight black holed jeans that Noah was wearing, and the short right top, that was partly showing her fully grown tits, was making Julia's pussy wet. Drops was ready to fall, as she was studying the new girl. A blush crossed her cheeks, now they were pink and showing completely.

"Can you show me the way to where everyone meets up?"

The new girl was laughing.. She was so laughing, Julia thought to herself. She nodded her head to the one side, to show the girl the way towards the gathering room.

"Follow me. I'll lead the way."

All she could think about, was the touch from Noah's fingers that had left her body wanting more...

nhuth2014-07-26 11:29:33

Jeg MÅ forbedre mit engelsk! Jeg er nysgerrig efter næste fængende afsnit om dette "lady-year".

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