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Not a fairytale
Not a fairytale
Forfatter: Night Sky
Skrevet: 2013-10-06 15:49:42
Version: 1.3
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Det er en englsk stil jeg skulle lave. den er måske lidt underlig, men der var nogle bestemte ord som skulle optræde i historien og sammenstidig måtte den kun være på 2 sider. så nogle steder passer den måske ikke helt sammen. men jeg har prøvet så godt jeg kan. håber i kan lide den ;)


I wish I could say once upon a time, but I can’t. This isn’t a fairytale, I am going to tell you a real story, actually this is more real than your world. Well when I have told you my story, you probably don’t believe me anyway and say that it is a fairytale. That is your choice which you want to believe me or not. Anyway I am going to tell you about this place I live. My name is Jail. Let me begin to explain the wonder of our world.

I live on the magical island there is on a mountain top somewhere on this earth. We look like humans, no wait, we are people, the only different are that we live on an island there don’t exist on the map. We speak every language, the planet has to offer, even the animals. It sounds already weird doesn’t it? But it is true. I can talk any language I want and I can talk with animals too. That is because people from the world below only use twenty percent of the brain, we use ninety percent that is why we can talk to animal.

Our people are proud and politely. I suppose you can think us as an Indian tribe. Our village isn’t big, just one of many. My father is our leader, which means he has a lot of duties to work on in our village and it makes me the leader’s daughter, the princess. My mother makes the best noodle soup; she is the village’s cook. My younger brother is just a stubborn brat who likes to make troubles. He is the future leader after our father, but he doesn’t want to be, yet. We also have a wise man living in the cave nearby our village, old and moldy man drunk as a skunk but wise. When my father has troubles he asks him for advices.  

Each of us people in the villages has an individual power, which also a part of the ninety percent. My father’s power is strength; he can make the ground quake if he wants to. My mother’s power is beauty; she is beautiful herself but she can make people see the beauty in everything, she doesn’t use her power much, because here is everything already beautiful. But she can stop a fight just by smiling. Because of her power it makes her and my father a great couple and a good leadership. The wise man’s power is course wisdom; he is wise and knows everything, because of that he lives outside of the village, he just have to look in to people’s eyes and he knows their stories, background and which troubles they have. He knows everything and I think that make him go bananas.

My brother isn’t eleven yet, so he hasn’t his power yet. When the children turn eleven they get their powers. But I hope his power doesn’t make the trouble he already does worse. My power is the four elements; I can control fire, water, earth and air, meaning that I can create a snow storm or a river of fire. Some will say that I have four powers but I don’t, I just have a powerful power. We only use powers to the good; evil has no gain here, especially when my mother is around. War is almost never happen here.

We don’t have telephones which we think destroying the social communication we do have bicycle to get around on this island or visiting the other villages, but we still don’t understand the use of rubber gloves. We don’t go down to the world below, the world you know best. But some of us go below as a job and that’s how we learn about the stuff as the telephone, bicycle and those weird rubber gloves. We also learn some of the stories there are told, like fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen or news papers from every country.

Our island is peaceful piece of land where animals and people live in harmony with each other. My best friends are Junky the fox, he is very clever and wily, Liky the unicorn, she has a wild sprit and proud, and then there is Drigon the baby dragon, he is very shy and the last dragon. As a princess of the village I don’t get many human friends, because people see me as a princess and I have to put up with that. Liky and Junky I have known since they were babies. They don’t see me as a princess but as a friend. We have been together trough good and bad times. We together found the last dragon egg and watched over it together and hide him from other. When Drigon was born, we together found the name for him and he just stuck with us.  

Our magical island is amazing. Don’t you think so? We have peace, learning, friendship, and love. If you want to see this heaven for yourself you have to find us first and the only way to find us are to believe that we do exist, so far nobody has found us yet. But we have a prophecy that one day someone will come, someone who what to learn about us and the island’s function and bring it back to the world below and the world will be living in peace and harmony like us. But we also know that it is first happening when the world is ready for changing.  

My name is Jail. I am 17 years old and I have the power to control the four elements. I live on the magical island there is on a mountain top somewhere in this world.
If you still don't believe me that okay it sound too good to be true isn't it? It only means that you are not ready for the power you can get by using seventy percent more of your brain.  If you do believe us from the bottom of your heart, I have a challenge for you.

Find us
and I will show you our beautiful peacefully island
and teach you about everything we know
Remember it isn’t a fairytale just a story from a young girl.
Find me

haleløs2013-10-06 16:56:52

Hi, Jail; I love your story! I'm NOT going to search for your mountain on this island - it would only bring disturbance into your world ;)
sincerely ...
NB H.C. Andersen is Hans Christian Andersen in english + '... and LEARN you about ...' = TEACH
Night Sky2013-10-06 18:04:55
thank u ;)

Lau G.N.2013-10-06 18:11:48

fantastisk min engel, det er en fantastisk stil du her har brygget sammen. ^^
Men jeg tror, som den ravn jeg er, at din verden er for lys og perfekt for mig.

Night Sky2013-10-06 18:31:18
hehe.. :P
det er Jail's verden ikke min skat
men tak ;)

Lau G.N.2013-10-13 13:44:59

Det er din verden skat, du har skabt den, og hvis du skubber den fra dig, viser du, at du ikke syntes om dine egne ord. Som skribenter og læsere hvorfor skulle læse dine ting, hvis du bare skubber dem fra dig?
Night Sky2013-10-13 22:24:56
jah det er selvf rigtig

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