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Oh little boy
Oh little boy
Forfatter: siggerius
Skrevet: 2017-10-09 12:22:34
Version: 1.0
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Oh little boy
Where do you go to disappear
When they bulling you and give you bad nicknames?

No one helps you
You are alone and stops they
there try to come to you
Because you don’t trust them

I hate when they bulling you
I hate when I can see you cry in silence
When I can hear you scream on help

I can also see your friend and enemy
The boy who had 2 faces
One there will be tour friend and protector
And another there will be in club with the smart guys

They are like the guys in “Son of Satan”
If they could trey would kill you slow
-very inspired of the middle age

They say if

I know the feeling when they make you to a thing at a museum
They can lay and look at you
and they runs after you

I know a special place you can go to
When the whole world not are to live in

It’s call for music
Take my earplugs and run with me to the land of
pop, country, rock, R’B and reggae

I will waiting for you at the station

Oh little boy
Where do you go to disappear?

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