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Done in the darkness
Done in the darkness
Forfatter: Kennethjn
Skrevet: 2021-01-10 18:43:03
Version: 1.0
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The story that is about to unfold, takes place in the old woods of Cambria, a dark forsaken place which has been overrun by goblins from sludgy lagoons and evilness from the wicked souls. In the world of Cambria, mag-ic is unusual. To use and digest magic, a blood sacrifice must take place. Not just any sacrifice, but one that will never heal you again,” magic is always followed by the darkness”.

“Your mother should have lived on instead of you, that stupid cunt… Now I am alone with a deformed reject and his dumb fucking stable boy of a brother. I have absolutely NOTHING left” … “You should have stayed a stillborn”

The words keep repeating itself over and over again in the young man’s head as he walked towards the en-trance of the old woods.

The entrance of the forsaken forest looked like two dark hollow eyes, with pines growing up around them frosty and glistening. The boy looked down at his ragged clothing, as he prepared himself for what was com-ing.

“JACK” someone shouted. “JAAAAAAACK”

He turned around and saw his twin brother running towards him.

“What the hell are you doing here Isak, go back to father immediately” Jack ordered his brother.

“I can’t be there without you; he will only have me to hit. I will not survive alone with him Jack, please take me with you”

Jack saw the fear in Isak’s bright green eyes, full of tears and he knew what Isak was saying about their father was true.

“Come Isak… just beware of the darkness that overflows this unholy place.” he whispered as they entered the hollow eyes of the dark forest together.

They walked along the forest path beside each other, no ordinary man in this world could see that these two brothers were twins. Jacks face was severely deformed, big lumps have formed in clusters all around his face and some so big that they struck out of his forehead and floated down his face like meaty raindrops.

On the other hand, Isak was stunningly attractive to almost all the ladies in the village, with his long brown hair, bright green eyes, and innocent looking face. The only thing holding him back from getting a spouse was his innocence. You do not get far in this world by being passive like him.

The snow has stopped in a blink of an eye, the moonlight struck upon Isak as if the moon had a relationship with him, it followed him, lighting him up so bright that his green eyes lit up, all whilst Jack sings the song of the wolf:

“The wolf howls ferociously in the woods by night
He can't sleep for hunger
And his den is bitterly cold
He lusts for fat sheep”

A high-pitched screeching voice suddenly sang along from the darkness of the pines:



“And It’s starting to work Jack” Isak said quietly.

The hands of the goblins started to slowly reach out from the sides of the paths while they continued to dis-mantle Isak’s defense with fear.

“Looooooook at that long beautiful brown haaaaaair” “Oh but look at those green bonbons he has in his eye sockets, I would love to lick on those!” “WE ARE GONNA SODOMIZE YOUR INSIDES”

It all started to get to Isak, and the wicked souls started to show their face in the moonlight beside the path. Their teeth had skin on them, they had fingernails for hair, the ears on these creatures looked like pumping kidneys, their eyes were as dark as the bottom of the lake and the grin on their faces went all the way to the back of their head.

“Sing along with me Isak, fore the fear in you they will prey upon, and the fear in you will be our certain death.” They both started to sing together in the hope of getting calmed down, enough to survive.

“The wolf howls ferociously in the woods by night
And can't find a bite to eat
But I shall give him a cockerel’s comb
That shall make his throat burst”

Isak still gave in to his fear, and the wicked souls crept up around them as some goblins grinned with a hunger in them behind the souls.

An angelic voice suddenly started to sing:

“O Wolf, o wolf, don't come hither
My child you shall have nevermore”

A bright light appeared and rushed at the wicked souls and goblins, the goblins ran out in the forest and the wicked souls disappeared leaving nothing but their kidney ears and teeth with skin on the ground.

There was a bridge forming underneath them, it had a stream of light rushing through. It levitated Jack and Isak up over the dark forsaken forest and in the distant horizon there was the crystal castle, a myth always told to children of Cambria.

“We have been expecting you for a long time Jack” The voice soothingly said.

The bridge surrounded the two twin brothers and transported them with haste to the crystal castle in the far distant.

At the entrance of the castle a wizard stood tall with red glowing eyes and on his head a hat of light. By his side is a skeleton with skin and no flesh brewing a pot of soup.

“I am the light bearer Jack, I will fulfill your destiny, I was the one that saved your life when you were born” the wizard proclaimed with confidence in his voice.

“Then you were the one to kill my mother?” Jack said with a shaken voice.

“Your mother was the one to kill herself, saving your life as a stillborn, where the light goes darkness must follow”

“You always wanted to be like Isak, you were always envious of the green eyes of his, right Jack?” The wizard told him with a power in his voice.


“You are meant for great things Jack, the rage in you can disappear, your foul face will be replaced with your brothers, but magic is always followed by the darkness Jack, one must take the power to change what one wants”

Jack felt an unknown feeling, a power rose in his head.


Isak cried and begged his twin brother for his life. But Jack always was jealous of his brother and in that mo-ment, thoughts of a future with Isak’s looks and the magic within him, he could conquer the world. Isak will always be innocent if mankind did not kill him, nature would.

So, Jack took his twin brother by his long brown hair, and dragged him to the goblet, he took the dagger that lie beside him and slit his brother’s throat. The blood filled the goblet while he could hear Isak gurgling his own blood.

The fleshless skeleton poured the soup into the goblet, as a reaction happened; the wizard took hold of Jack and spoke these words.

“Now drink child, no man can harm you no more”

He drank the brew, he felt power, the power was so intense. His eyes lit up with the brightest green colour shooting up into the sky, forming aurora borealis over the night sky. Then suddenly he felt an immense pain in his face, bones crackling around his forehead, he passed out immediately.

In the morning they were gone from outside the crystal castle. Jack woke up in a bed in an extravagant room. He felt his face and could feel no meat clusters. He ran to the mirror and there he saw his brothers face; the only difference was that the eyes were now glowing. He remembered his brother begging for his life, and every day he would now see the evilness he had done in the mirror. He started to sing quietly.

“Sleep, my child, in mother's bed
And let the wolf howl away

O Wolf, o wolf, don't come hither
My child you shall have nevermore”

Magic is always followed by the darkness.

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