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Forfatter: Artemis
Skrevet: 2011-04-09 01:02:45
Version: 1.1
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I don't care what you think
Or whatever you have to say
You can do me a favour by
throwing all memories away
All I want from you is simply
that I want you to go
But before you do there's something
that I want for you to know

It hurts me you can never see
The lines that you have crossed
You saw us like some kind of game
But the thing is that I lost
I want you to remember this
when you go and close the door
I love you but the thing is that
I do not wan't you anymore

It hurts me when you're not around
but more when you are here
I thinkt the best for me would be
if you would go and disappear
I have counted on you much
all the times that you have bailed
Well, you had me once before
And I am sorry but you failed

I can't say I never miss you
You would see it in my face
If I lied to you and said
you didn't leave a deep trace
But the pain and guilt I'm sorry
Those I cannot just ignore
And I know you feel deep down
you too could not do this anymore

I won't repeat these words again
Cause I have said it all before
I don't wanna be the girl
that you'll continue to adore
Cause both you and I have changed
There would be nothing to regain
Forgive that I'll hate you forever
for causing me so much pain

haleløs2011-04-09 12:06:04

I think she's in much pain. Hurting - not hating!
Love and hate, actually, are the two opposites on the very same line ...
I think, her daddy has actually never stopped loving his precious daughter; but is unable to adequately express his deep feelings for her. Maybee guiltridden ... as all parents are!
I hope - in time - she'll give him yet another chance to work on and improve on their relationship?
And hold both the beloved daughter and her distant daddy in my prayers!
Good luck - to both of them!!!
sincerely ...

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