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Will Never Know.
Will Never Know.
Forfatter: Tex Giphardt
Skrevet: 2015-08-07 21:26:54
Version: 1.1
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The sun had gone down; it seems like an hour before time, how she, a shadow, that had grown older and the age had washed away her beauty.

There must be something out there, cause she´s sick of that shadow, still it was only there she felt truly free, in the earthly smelling forest, she found what she could not believe.

They had made echoes in the night and they had offered themselves to the timbered dark, still, it was not her, it was only a reflection of her, but she will never know.

She ran over the field where she buried her broken soul, they had drifted far from that night and they had wished, for something more, but she will never know.

Thanks’ for the memories and for all the darkness that was planted now put on the mask again, so she will never know.

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