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The assassin of love!
The assassin of love!
Forfatter: Gribba
Skrevet: 2011-07-21 11:52:56
Version: 1.0
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Deep in the old forest a being stood in the shadow of the trees, it was raining and it plunge down. Waiting and watching all traffic on a path ahead, a narrow and lonely path. Knowing that sooner than later a man would come this way and then at last the waiting would come to an end. The figure had waited long for this man and his blood. Knowing that blood would be spilled on the path and hands covered with blood made the joy and excitement ooze through the figures body!
The figure pulled the cloak closer for better protection which did not help at all as the cloak was soaking wet.

The nails drilled into the palms as the being clenched the fists and the trees seem to hold their breath as the sky was crying that, what was about to take place. A lightning struck down and illuminated the dark form of the creature between the trees, under the hood danced shadows in the face without a clear picture. No smile could be seen but a smile was there when the thunder roared victoriously as to support the shadowy creature that was standing there in the darkness. The being was preparing the long desired death of this man. He would approach riding on his horse in a little while. The figure stood still as a statue, faithful to time. Did not even stir a little finger, barely blinked the eyes even though raindrops were leaking down the face.
There was no fear in the air only anticipation. It was like everything around the creature was asking the same question "Will it succeed?"
The being smiled a cold smile, hearing the sound of hooves approaching while staring deep in to the path.
- It’s not long now. Was heard whispered fierce into the air. As the figure handled the knife it had pulled out.
The anticipation started to circle this lonely path. The trees whispered between themselves but fell silent as they detected piercing eyes full of barbarity and rage.
Oblivious the man rode his horse and approached his fate. The horse was uneasy but the rider steered his horse firmly and calmed it down. The rider was not greatly fond of this path but now this path was convenient for his important mission. His two knights were not far behind him.
The man managed to calm his horse down or so he thought, the horse just gave up trying to warn his master of the danger ahead, the horse reluctantly continued along the path. The rider uneasily guided his horse; he just had to get to his destination and fast, this could become and would properly be the most incredible day, the best day in his life, he could feel his heartbeat just thinking about it.
Suddenly a figure stood on the path and the horse neighed tremendously. The weather had silenced, holding down its breath.
- "Step aside!" said the rider determinedly and confident but the figure did not shift.
- "Step aside, I have important matters to attend!" the rider tried again but the figure did not answer this.
Without a warning the figure jumped at the rider and pulled him off the horse. The man was not prepared for this and therefore too late to seize his sword before a knife was thrust into his chest.
The creature watched the man with a cold gaze and what he clenched his fingers around. The figure bent down and tore the object out of the man's hands as the man tried to hold on to it as hard as he could but his strength was slipping away.
The figure smiled a cruel smile while handling the glass shoe for a moment. Then laid the glass shoe on the ground and smashed it right in front of the face of the rider, his eyes filled with tears and shattered hope.
The figure grabbed the rider's sword and thrust it of all might into the man's heart!
The dark red blood was thrown up due to the force and painted the sword with the colour of love... at the same moment lightning's struck down and the thunders yelled out in victory, the weather did not hold back anymore, the tears started to drip slowly down but increased rapidly, the heaven had started to cry again.

The raider stared with broken eyes up into the river of tears and his love now lies on this lonely path. The figure walked into the forest again and the only flower on the path, that once was bright yellow, now lies crushed beneath the man and his blood. The path covered with blood and the horse was gone when the two knights approached their master's remains.
A low voice was carried with the wind”¦
“Snow White will not get to wake up”¦” said the creature, while using the magical key to open the door to head into the next fairytale adventure.

haleløs2011-07-21 13:47:31

hej og velkommen! Sitets grundlægger, Jesper 'Forfatter In Spe', plejer at sende folk en velkomstmail ;)
Der er flere her inde som skriver og digter på engelsk, bl.a. Artemis og Lau G.N. (find dem via søgefunktionen ø.th.) De fleste herinde skriver vistnok digte og læser helst ikke alt for laaange tekster; så et råd herfra er at opdele teksterne og lægge dem ud som nr. 1 + 2 + 3 af n.n.... så blir de også lettere at kommentere og redigere!
JEG er gået igen med at læse teksten; men læser desværre laaangsomt ;) skal nok gi' dig feedback!!!
Det hjalp at læse din profil; nu véd jeg så, at jeg ikke skal kommentere på retskrivning o.s.v.
Der er ikke spor at være flov over - ordblindhed og fortælleevne har intet med hinanden at gøre ;)
venligst ...

haleløs2011-07-21 14:13:52

'the being'='the figure'='the creature' versus 'the rider'='the man' = det' altså lidt forvirrende når der anvendes flere forskellige udtryk fo den samme 'figur'. Især da, når den ene synes at være en gennemgående hovedperson (i en eventyr'samling' - eller?)!
Aner inspirationen fra berømte eventyr + de islandske sagaer, som jeg også selv er meget betaget af.
Dit engelsk er i øvrigt udmærket og let forståeligt!
venligst ...

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