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Bach’s piano
Bach’s piano
Forfatter: Poetry Writer
Skrevet: 2015-05-25 20:44:53
Version: 1.0
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Force and joy fill up my mind
a thoughtful, strict and pleasant sense
It rules me springing like a hind
it’s sweet and soft while strangely tense.

It speaks the things I cannot say
it tells a tale of joy and woe
it speaks of sorrow, sings of play
it’s fast, melodious, firm and slow.

It orders all my life’s affairs
it scales my mind’s confusing stairs
it covers all the universe
it drives and lifts me and my verse.

haleløs2015-06-27 16:32:04

doesn't really tell wether the poet is actively playing the piano - or just listening to cd or radio?
sincerely ...
Poetry Writer2015-06-28 00:01:08
Yes, I was listening to detect
the essence of the Bach-effect;
while walking in the woods around
I felt the music's holy sound

It seemed the sounds did lift the world
dancing like a dervish whirled
upward holding fast my hand
leading me to orchards grand

These orchards were the very same
where once I did a certain name
repeat with longing and delight
throughout the lonely summer night

In these orchards also I
did fight and dislocate my thigh
I wept and gained the upper hand
the angel's blessing on my land

Mere humble listening brought me here
to see the summit of the sphere
I wonder where these sounds and sights
did first enchant the lunar nights

haleløs2015-06-28 07:26:06

I'm going to advice against
more music
unless sitting down
or lying flat

You must have been
Poetry Writer2015-06-28 07:57:14
:) :) :)

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