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In this hour
In this hour
Forfatter: Artemis
Skrevet: 2011-04-26 15:54:30
Version: 1.0
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In my latest hour
My pride's falling down
Hits the ground

Well, I'm demanding an apology
Even though you never knew the words
Regardless of whatever I feel
I cannot, I can never regret
How sorry you might be

All the nights I stood alone
All the time I stood so tall
Regardless of what I've seen
I must confess
I'm not ready to die

Loneliness fills my empty mind
No phone calls for a while
Regardless of whatever I may think
Maybe you didn't forget me
You just forgot to remember me

Refusing to fall off the edge
I'm still thinking about you
Who's gonna fight for me
when I'm too weak
Who will tell me I'll be fine

In this hour I'm laughing so hard
That my tears are running down my cheeks
Regardless of whatever you say
I think you're so beautiful
In all your suffering pain

haleløs2011-06-06 17:14:04

Is finally the daughter confronting her distant (not absent) father?
'No phone calls for a while ... / ... You just forgot to remember me'
Or ... the 'happy birthday' call didn't happen?
Anyway; continue to write you heart out!!!!
sincerely ...

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