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"Camilla please!" Selena begged her voice was breaking just a little as she spoke her eyes filling with tears that she refused to let fall. "Don't marry him." she pleaded as she watched her friend's face first fall and then harden.

"Selena it's over." Camilla stated her voice firm her eyes cold though on the inside she was breaking just as much as Selena was. "I love Charles. Not you." her voice was harsh and with each word she spoke Selena felt as if someone was stabbing her in the heart over and over again. As if someone was driving a knife deep into her chest twisting and turning it as if just attempting to bring her more pain than she was already in.

"You know that's not true!" Selena argued desperately her tears now falling freely. A flash of sadness crossed Camilla's eyes as those words left Selena's lips but Camilla was quick to put on her harsh mask. The emotionless facade that she had used to hide the truth so many times before much like she was using it to hide how she was really feeling right then.

"He doesn't make you happy." she continued her make-up by now completely ruined her face resembling the one of a racoon with mascara running down it. "He won't ever make you happy." her voice cracked a little and Camilla averted her eyes to the side no longer able to stand seeing her friend falling apart like that. Camilla though was trying to hide the tears that had welled up in her own eyes as well. Her mask of cold indifference was slowly starting to crumble and she could do nothing to keep herself together any longer.

"Not like I will." Selena choked out her voice no louder than the mere sound of a whisper as she sniffled sadly tears still leaking from her eyes streaming down her face at a fast pace far beyond her control by now.

"It's too late Selena." Camilla replied her voice taking a turn for the sad as well. Turning her head back Camilla locked eyes with Selena and both women could feel the regret welling up in them as they gazed at each other. "My wedding is about to start." Camilla continued her voice sounding disappointed though she was quick to with a small shake of her head hide those feelings deep within. She was ready to lock them away in a dark corner of her heart never to be found again and that was exactly what she did.

"I'm going to marry him. I'm going to marry Charles." she finished her voice sounding as if she needed convincing. As if she need for someone to tell her- to convince her that what she was doing was the right thing.

"Please." Selena choked out a stifled sob making its way past her parted lips filling the room with the sound of pain and heartbreak. A sound that Camilla hated because she knew that she was the cause of it.

"I'm sorry." Camilla's apology was sincere and in all honesty she felt like breaking down and crying too. But it was too late and a knock on the door only confirmed what she already knew. It was time. She was going to marry Charles Davidson. And she was leaving the woman she was still in love with behind. "I love you." she whispered as she exited the room chills running down her spine goosebumps rising on the back of her neck as the slam of the door cut off the heartbreaking sound of Selena's desperate and broken cries.

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