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The Fear Inside
The Fear Inside
Forfatter: Artemis
Skrevet: 2011-02-04 09:43:29
Version: 1.0
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The fear inside of a heart
Against an attacker
I will boldly take my stand
But for a broken heart
I will run like a possessed
Scared to see to much
Even though life made me blind

I know for a fact this pain is in everyone.

Some will try to aknowledge it
Others will fail to understand
There is no fear in a shallow heart
Shallow hearts
Cannot fall apart
The feeling of a caring heart
Is fragile to the breathe of air

If you need me to be true
I cannot give you an answer
But somehow
I need to give away my fragile heart
So you can fill it with joy
... Or return it ripped apart.

haleløs2011-05-16 17:22:46

Dear poet; don't loose yourself my giving away more than you can afford to loose! Life is a struggle sometimes ... but NOT all the time. DONT lean on anyone else to fill up-your selfconfidence ...
Good luck!
sincerely ...
NB ' made me blind' : I wonder if rather you meant to say 'numb' ???

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