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Lose myself
Lose myself
Forfatter: BigNerdBeard
Skrevet: 2015-07-17 03:31:34
Version: 1.1
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Maybe I'm losing my mind

Trying to find

Who I am

Maybe I'll find sanity

In the simple feeling

Of having you next to me

Maybe another time

When things won't be like this

And I won't be me

Maybe another shot of emptiness

Straight down my throat

Is exactly what I need

To fill the void

That I felt when I lost

Everyone but myself

And another bullet

Will fly

Towards my already bleeding heart

And the marks it will leave

Will mingle with the scars

That already line

It's beating surface

And scratches across my face

And handprints on my arms

Won't matter anymore

Because when my mind is finally lost

And my heart is finally dead

Tears and rivers

Blood and oceans

They will all flow

And peace will find me

And my pulse will fall to rest

In the opening of my veins

As I lose myself

To anything but this

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